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Te koop nieuwe Naish Lift freerace 6.6 2020

Wil je je surfspullen te koop aanbieden? Plaats hier je advertentie.

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the man
Freeride pro
Freeride pro
Berichten: 275
Lid geworden op: wo apr 23, 2008 10:03 pm
Teamrider: Naish ProLimit
Surf spul: Naish 2019 Global - Hoover Naish Hokua 9.0 X32 - Naish Maliko 14x24 - Naish Starship 100 - ForceV

Te koop nieuwe Naish Lift freerace 6.6 2020

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Te koop nieuwe Naish Lift freerace 6.6 2020

Ik had deze gekocht om op vakantie in Spanje veel in licht weer te gaan foilen.
Helaas blijft ik thuis en zie mij hier niet veel gebruik van maken in NL.

Zeil is 1x nat geweest in een korte sessie om het zeil af te stellen.

Nu in de shop voor €875 mag weg voor €750 of doe een goed bod!

Size 6.6 Luff 442 Boom 188 Rec. Mast RDM 430 Printed Spec 430 + 12 Head Fixed Battens 5 Cambers 2 Weight 4.36

Who is it for?
The LIFT Freerace is for dedicated windsurf foilers looking for next level performance without the hassle of a big race sail.
What’s it do?
This sail delivers early take-off with improved speed and control for high performance foiling.
Why is it unique?
The LIFT Freerace is a lightweight cam sail specifically optimized for fast foiling, with an emphasis on reaching.
What’s new?
This all-new 2-cam foil sail combines light weight, easy handling and easy rigging with freerace performance.
It’s ALL new, baby!
The LIFT Freerace is an entirely new category of sail design that combines a defined forward camber with low internal tension. Unlike ‘race’ foil sails which focus exclusively on upwind/downwind, the LIFT Freerace adds great reaching performance to the mix, making it far more versatile. This concept borrows heavily from wing sails. The camber induced leading edge maintains an efficient low drag shape—even at low angles of attack (sheeted out)—while the reactive leech easily bleeds off excess power at speed for maximum control. The sail has plenty of power for early and easy launch onto the foils. Once in the air, it’s fast, efficient and easy to control. The large foot profile allows the gap to be closed, even in the more vertical foil stance, while the medium-width sleeve and hi-tech materials make it lightweight and easy-to-handle.
View the sail specs
5 Battens + 2 Cams = Fast + stable

3D Shaping = Perfect shape distribution & twist
Low Clew = Closing the gap instantly
Medium/High Aspect Ratio = Improved top end speed + wide range

Mid-width Cam Sleeve = Stable + smooth rotation

Construction X-166 Ultralight Film = Ultra-lightweight + excellent durability Twin Cam Geometry Tube/Rod Battens = Increased draft stability Equilibrium™ Batten Pockets = Improved rotation + light + durable Max View Window = Best visibility + light + durable
Low Clew
Closing the gap instantly

5 Battens + 2 Cams
Fast + stable

Mid-width Cam Sleeve
Stable + smooth rotation

Medium/High Aspect Ratio

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